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Have a holiday in mind but not sure how to plan it? We can help!


Planning a holiday can be stressful, especially when there’s so much to organise and so much to factor in. No worries, we’ll do all that for you! If there’s nothing in our pre-planned getaways that tickles your fancy, you can chat with a Great Mates holiday planner to make your very own holiday a reality. Together, we’ll make an itinerary that suits you and care needs.

If you have an idea of where you want to go, follow the prompts below to make an enquiry using our online form. If you’re not sure or prefer to chat instead, call us on 1300 333 900.


Will my plan pay for travel?

While the NDIS won’t pay for your holiday, they may help fund additional support that you’ll need on your trip because of your disability (if it’s deemed reasonable and necessary). You may receive this support through your plan if it’s been budgeted for.

Planning a holiday sounds overwhelming — where do I start?

As the old saying goes, preparation is key. While prep work isn’t everyone’s idea of a good time, planning and research is half the fun when we’re talking about holidays or trips! Start by thinking about where you want to go, and write down a list of the places and the sorts of things you want to do while you’re there. Then, start Googling!  Read some reviews, and once you’ve got an idea about where you want to go, be sure to explain what your needs are when making your bookings.  You want to make sure the places you choose are aware of your needs and can accommodate you.

Can my support worker or family and mates come with me?

If you need assistance, you might choose to have a Support Worker come along with you, who can help you out while you’re away. If that happens, we have options available to cover the costs of their travel.

Your family and mates can absolutely go with you on holiday! It’s the perfect opportunity to have fun and make some wonderful memories together — who’d want to turn that down?

If I want to go overseas, is there anything extra I need to do?

If you’ll be out of the country for your trip, it’s a good idea to let the NDIS know so they can make any necessary changes to your plan while you are away. This might mean they adjust the supports you receive — because you won’t be home to use them!

Or pick from a pre-planned getaway!

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