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We’ll be with you on the second half of your journey through life.


As the years go by, sometimes we’re led to believe our only option is to move into an aged care facility. When you’re living life with a disability, this can feel like the case even moreso especially if you’ve had informal support around you your whole life. Great Mates has many different options and types of support available so you can live in a comfortable home environment while enjoying the many things life has to offer.

There’s many ways Great Mates can support you.

We help you build skills.

We have a range of interactive and educational classes that focus on different touchpoints in life, including health and wellbeing. Enjoy learning new recipes or jump into something more active like our multi-sensory, wellbeing-based Drums Alive program.

Learn with Great Mates

We help you find home.

Great Mates has a range of living options where you can enjoy our support care while also finding a place to call home. We can also help you transition out of an aged care facility into a home environment where you can be safe, comfortable and independent.

Live with Great Mates

We help you on adventures.

Everyone deserves to relax and have fun. With the Great Mate’s supported holiday program, you can journey to great places with great people. Pick a holiday from our pre-planned getaways or design your own adventure. The best part? We do all the nitty gritty planning.

Travel with Great Mates

We help you understand NDIS.

If you’re new to the NDIS, the amount of information can be overwhelming. We’ve pulled together a handy overview for you that touches on what it is, how it works and where Great Mates comes in. Plus, our doors are always open if you need help at any time.

See our NDIS overview

Care starts with conversation.

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