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Our teenage years are an amazing time for growth, change and opportunities in all areas of life.


We help teenagers and those who have just left school find their place as they journey into adulthood. We understand that this is a time where things are changing in all aspects – physically, emotionally, socially and intellectually – and that living with a disability may also mean you’re facing a different set of challenges. We’re here to be a great mate and mentor, walking alongside you to help you discover new things about yourself and supporting you to reach your goals.

There’s many ways Great Mates can support you.

We help you grow confidence.

Being confident in your social skills and knowing how to interact with others is important as you move into the community. Great Mates gives you a supportive environment where you can meet others, develop bonds, grow your communication skills and just have great fun!

The Great Mates Society

We help you be independent.

The thought of having to be independent can be daunting to people as they transition into young adults . We have supported employment opportunities that are perfect to help ease you into the workforce by making sure you’re well prepared with the right skills.

Work with Great Mates

We help you build skills.

Skills that will be with you for life! We have a range of interactive and educational classes that focus on different touchpoints in life. Cook your own meals or jump into some multi-sensory music-grooving in our Drums Alive program. There’s something for everyone.

Learn with Great Mates

We help you on adventures.

Everyone deserves to relax and have fun. With the Great Mate’s supported holiday program, you can journey to great places with great people. Pick a holiday from our pre-planned getaways or design your own adventure. The best part? We do all the nitty gritty planning.

Travel with Great Mates

Care starts with conversation.

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