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The NDIS sets certain price limits so that you receive the best value for your funding. We regularly check our price guide to make sure it’s always up-to-date with these price limits.


What is the NDIS price guide?

The NDIA sets price limits for some supports to ensure they provide value for money for participants. Every year, they release a new price guide to ensure you always have the most up to date information and price expectations are consistent with the cost of living.

How do I use the NDIS price guide for services?

You can refer to the NDIS price guide to check that you’re paying a reasonable amount for a particular service. The NDIS sets maximum limits a provider can charge to protect you and ensure you get value for money in the services you pay for.

Do I have to pay the prices shown in the NDIS price guide?

The NDIS sets maximum limits for the amounts providers can charge for their services, so you can think of that as a benchmark. To make the most of your support funding, you can negotiate lower prices with providers for services you’re interested in.

How do I know if I have funding for something in my plan?

Everything you have support for will be listed in your plan in the ‘funded supports’ section. There are three main funding categories, and depending on your needs, you may not have all categories funded in your plan. The three main funding categories are:
  • Core Support — This is help with everyday activities. 
  • Capacity Building Supports — This is any activity that helps you to build your independence, develop skills or learn new ones. 
  • Capital Supports — This is funding for higher-cost pieces of assistive technology, equipment and home or vehicle modifications (including one-off purchases you may need). 
If you’re ever confused about what is and isn’t available to you on your plan, you can always give us a call, and we can go through your plan together!

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