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Life is all about experiences. From little things in every day life to the epic unexpected opportunities.


Life at Great Mates is great! We’re all about creating opportunities to meet new people, try new things and adventure to new places. There’s so much to do and so much to see. The best part? You’ll be able to meet so many people with all different abilities; be inspired by their stories, inspire them with yours and challenge yourselves together to try something new.

There’s so much to enjoy in life. And it’s better with Great Mates.


Be part of the Great Mates Society. This is our recreation club that’s dedicated to having fun, fun and more fun. You’ll have a blast with Great Mates as we do exciting activities and events together. So many awesome perks 😉

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Travel with Great Mates takes you to great places with great people. We’ll support you to have your dream holiday with your mates. It’s all up to you – where you want to go, what’s on the menu, the activities you’re itching to try, and more. All you need to do is pack your bag and we’ll do the rest.

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Why choose Great Mates?

At Great Mates, we’re here to support you for life. All of our services — from employment opportunities to living skills development and accommodation — are designed to support you to live your most fulfilling life. Our team is made up of a group of passionate and caring individuals committed to putting your goals, interests and needs at the heart of everything we do.

What kinds of activities are on offer?

Our goal at Great Mates is to help you grow in confidence and independence so you can thrive. We can help you find supported employment, take a trip somewhere, learn new skills and make new mates —all things that help you build a great life that you love. 

How will I know what activities I’m covered for in my NDIS plan?

Most activities will be funded through your Core Supports, but funding may also come from your Capacity Building budget (depending on how a specific activity or class helps you achieve your goals).  Your NDIS plan is full of technical terminology, so if you’re confused by what supports you qualify for, your Local Area Coordinator or Support Coordinator can help you. Or, give us a call, and we can go through it together!

What are the benefits of taking part in Great Mates’ lifestyle activities?

There are so many! Not only can you make friends, learn something new, see different places and grow in confidence and independence, but your NDIS plan is goal-oriented, meaning that when you make use of your plan, you’re actively working towards something.  And when you feel supported (like you will as a Great Mate), you can kick your goals knowing you’ve got a group of mates there to encourage and cheer you on!

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