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We empower people with different abilities to live their life. We offer tailored programs and disability support services to meet your needs and goals in life, and we’re by your side every step of the way.

Everyone needs a Great Mate. We’d love to be yours.


Beyond having the right processes, policies and procedures in place, our unique blend of experience, passion for life and commitment to learning about you as a person means a guaranteed level of care that is unsurpassed.

Our mission is to be that safe place where people can embrace differences, find likeness and be empowered with the necessary skills to get the most out of life. We look forward to learning more about you so we can best support you, your family, and your friends on your journey.

Our Values


We all have qualities that makes us unique and special. After all, there’s only one you in the world 😉 We’re all about embracing who you are and supporting who you will become by providing opportunities to grow your future. No one can be a better version of you than you! You are at the heart of what we do and we’ll always treat you how we want to be treated ourselves – with the highest standard of respect, compassion and dignity.

Our Values


We encourage bravery and applaud confidence. Our wheels are always spinning as we plan for the now to improve for the future. We’re not afraid of a challenge or to try something new. Our programs and initiatives are always being improved on for the best possible outcomes and to create new opportunities for everyone.

Our Values


We champion greatness. Greatness for us means excellence in all we do, from policies to procedures; living standards to the quality of our on-road travel fleet. And for you, greatness means personal growth and empowerment to choose what you want to do.

Our values


Relationships are everything. We’re always working hard to build and maintain strong relationships with everyone we come in contact with – from parents to allied health professionals, support coordinators to case managers and within our own team. At Great Mates, it’s important that everyone is included and every voice is heard, valued and listened to. We’re always here for you.

Our people

We’re not just industry professionals. We’re people supporting people (we wouldn’t be here if we didn’t care). At Great Mates, we understand the importance of doing life together.

Our process

We understand things can be rather overwhelming, especially with so many options in front of you. At Great Mates, we’re always open and transparent about the way we work. You’re in good hands.

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