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A place to call home, equipped with everything you need.


Sometimes it can be hard to find somewhere to live that suits your needs and supports you to live as independently as possible. Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) homes are specially built with features like extra wide doorways, hoists, strong walls or windows, or technology, all designed with your needs in mind.


Great Mates can assist you to work out what you want and need to feel comfortable, grow and thrive at home. From there, we’ll support you as you search for the perfect place to live. If you have any questions or concerns, we’re only a phone call away and ready to have an open conversation with you and your support team.


  • A comfortable home designed to support your needs and lifestyle.
  • Features that enable your support team to help you live your life as independently as possible.
  • Choice about where you live and who you live with.
  • A community where you can meet and build lifelong relationships with diverse individuals.


What is specialist disability accommodation (SDA)?

SDA is a special type of rental accommodation that has been modified or built to support you in living life as independently as possible within your own home.

Who can live in SDA homes?

The NDIS decides who can live in SDA. Usually, you will need to have very high support needs or require assistance to do things like:

  • Getting out of bed
  • Getting dressed
  • Cooking and cleaning.

How can I find an SDA home to live in?

If you need to find somewhere to live that suits your needs, Great Mates can help you find a space with the right accessibility features and support. We also keep a list of SDA vacancies on the Great Mates website, so you can explore SDA homes for yourself.

How much do I need to pay for SDA?

You’ll receive some funding through the NDIS to cover the costs of modifying the home to suit your needs. In addition, you’ll be expected to pay 25% of the Disability Support Pension, along with 100% of your Commonwealth Rent Assistance to cover your rent.

Find a home with Great Mates.

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