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Joining the workforce is a big step to take but Great Mates will help you be well prepared.


An important step towards independence is joining the workforce as a working, contributing member to the community. With so many jobs and roles available, it can be difficult to pick one that is right for you. With Great Mates, we’ll help you develop skills, knowledge and confidence that will be valuable for any job. You’ll also build a set of job-specific skills with opportunity to be part of our extended Great Mates family as a paid employee in one of our Supported Employment business initiatives.

There’s plenty of opportunities to grow your career with us.

Supported employment

This is our 6-week training program where you’ll work with a Great Mates mentor to learn all the necessary skills to help you get into the workforce. We also have various employment opportunities to pick from to align with your interests, abilities and goals for the future.

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