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Visit great places with great people! We’ll support you to have your dream holiday with your mates. Create your own adventure or choose from a pre-planned Great Mates getaway.


Travelling with Great Mates is open to everyone, no matter your ability, skills or interests. If there’s somewhere special you want to go and an itinerary you have in mind, chat with us about how we can support you on your trip. If you’d rather come along with us on a holiday already organised, we’d love to have you join us.


Our Great Mates team will be there for you on your adventures so you can have fun with a peace of mind! To make sure everyone is well supported on every trip, we use a ratio which is based on the number of team members needed for each traveller (e.g. 1:4). We also use holiday categories to help you choose a getaway that best suits you and your care needs.

We’ll take care of everything! All you need to do is pack your bag and bring yourself.


  • All the nitty gritty planning.
  • Organise transport to get you from A to B to C.
  • Arrange accommodation that suits your care needs.
  • Plan all meals catering to your dietary requirements.
  • Schedule exciting activities you love.
  • Give you a packing checklist so you can check you have everything you need.


Will my plan pay for travel?

While the NDIS won’t pay for your holiday, they may help fund additional support that you’ll need on your trip because of your disability (if it’s deemed reasonable and necessary). You may receive this support through your plan if it’s been budgeted for.

Are there any limits on where I can go?

Nope! Obviously, any trips the team at Great Mates have planned will have specific destinations in mind, but if you have a holiday destination you’ve been dreaming about, we can make that happen! Of course, you’ll want to make sure the places you’re going can accommodate your needs, but that’s all part of the planning process, which is half the fun 😉  We can help you make your dream trip a reality — let’s get a conversation going

What if I have high needs? Can you accommodate me?

Absolutely! Fun and relaxing holidays should be accessible to everyone, regardless of your needs. Depending on the support you need, you might choose to have a Support Worker come along with you, who can help you out while you’re away. If this is the case, we have options available to cover the costs of their travel. 

How far in advance should I organise a trip?

It really depends. A short weekend away? A couple of weeks of prep time should work. If you’re planning a once in a lifetime trip around Europe, maybe give yourself (and us!) at least a few months to plan.  Regardless, know that even the waiting will be exciting — sometimes the anticipation and planning for a trip can be just as fun as the actual holiday.

Ready for your next adventure?

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