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Knowledge is power, and we make the small things count. We’ll equip you with the life skills you need or desire.


At Great Mates, we encourage you to give everything a go. We are here to support you in growing current skills, developing new ones and exploring all opportunities available.

We offer a wide variety of disability support classes, designed for all different abilities, skill levels and interests. Through these, you’ll develop skills and form friendships that will stay with you for life.

Our classes focus on key areas of a person’s life.

Everyday life

We focus on activities that we would do on a day-to-day basis. You’ll have the opportunity to develop skills in a wide range of areas including, but not limited to, cooking delicious menus and doing your part in contributing to the sustainability of our environment.

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Out in the community

Being out and about in the community can be daunting, but Great Mates is here to help you learn, develop and grow your knowledge and skills. We’ll be guiding you on activities such as taking public transport, using the roads safely and how to enjoy dining out.

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Health & wellbeing

Being healthy in mind and body is key to enjoying an enriching life. We’ll work together on a range of different activities and programs designed to support and boost your wellbeing so you can enjoy life to its fullest.

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What kinds of activities can I learn how to do?

At Great Mates, we believe that you should be in charge of your future, so all our activities are aimed at helping you improve your confidence and independence so you can live the life you want. At the moment, we’ve got classes to help you learn how to cook, recycle, get out and about with public transport and learn about handling money. We’re always adding more activities so keep an eye on this space!

How do I pay for the classes?

Generally, funding for the classes will be claimed from the ‘developing life skills’ budget of your NDIS plan and the cost factors in anything that you may need for the class (though we generally supply everything). That means no out of pocket expenses for you! 

Can my support person join me?

At our classes and activities, we’ll have the Great Mates support team there to help out and provide support to you in a group. If you have high needs and would like to bring your support person with you, that’s fine! Let us know of any concerns when you register for the class or activity, and we can figure out a plan because it’s important you are comfortable.

Can I make friends in these classes?

Of course! Meeting other people is a huge part of our classes. Classes are generally capped at ten people, and you’ll see them every week during term time, so there are plenty of opportunities to meet, chat and mingle. Building bonds together is important to us at Great Mates so we hope you’ll love the classes as much as we love running them!

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